Farmers Guardian’s #Farm24

A day in the life of a Farmer…

The Farmers Guardian’s celebration of British Farming is back and this year the focus is on food. Farmers work tirelessly 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to produce the nation’s food. They could not do all the hard work around-the-clock without the help of specially developed machinery.

On Thursday 9th August, the celebration began #Farm24. We wanted to highlight how New Holland Tractors and Combines aid the production of British produce, by having a photo competition on our Facebook page.

We asked you all to share your machinery hard at work, the top five were then chosen by us and the final winner was to be selected by our followers through likes.

Competition Entries:

We received lots of wonderful entries that really showed off the passion and dedication farmers have for their job… and that there’s nothing better than blue and yellow! #onlybluewilldo

When it came to 5pm on Thursday evening, it was the end of the normal work day… but certainly not the end of the day for our farmers. The next morning the Robert D Webster Ltd Team had the very hard task of narrowing all these entries down to the top five. We just couldn’t, it was such a struggle!

So, we had a top six instead:

It seems that as it’s harvest time, we were all drawn to the combines!

They each show off the beautiful East Yorkshire countryside; an iconic part of Britain that our farmers maintain so well.

After a weekend of liking and sharing, the winner was announced at 1pm today [Monday 13th].

Winning Photo:

🏆AND THE WINNER IS… Rob Campey ! 🏆
Congratulations, a worthy winner, a lovely photo showing how farming isn’t a 9-5 job, but it’s worth it when you get to see such beautiful sunsets!


We want to thank you all for the beautiful entries, we might contact some of you to use them in the future!  As it’s clear to see, the life of a farmer is quite busy and we are all thankful for all that they do.

Finally, we want to show you this too! We were given this timelapse video from Manor House Farm, Routh, shot from their New Holland Agriculture Tractor while helping harvest the wheat! Just a sneak peak of one of the steps that goes into producing some of our delicious food and drink. (There is a second version on our facebook page featuring a different tune…)


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