CPSG Round 2 now available

The Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme Round 2 is now available.

Farms of all types can apply for grants of up to £12,000, with a total of £15 million available.

Under the scheme, grants can be applied for a wide range of areas including:

– Small grants

– Water resource management and reservoirs

– Improving forestry productivity

– Adding value to Agri-food

– Improving farm productivity

Therefore, grants are available for a number of our products including GPS light bar, GPS AutoSteer and Yield Monitioring to name a few. There is also funding available for our brand new CropXplorer product.

Importantly, the Government have guaranteed funding for when the UK leaves the EU, if projects are signed and accepted by 31st December 2020.

Click here to go to the gov.uk website for more information.


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