Professional & Domestic Garden and Power Tools

Here at Robert D Webster Ltd we supply a varied range of Stihl products. We also have a comprehensive parts and service department for those machines that need a little attention.









Product List

  • 1 Lts HP Two stroke oil

    Excellent lubrication and combustion. Properties. Fuel/ratio 50:1

    Our Price:
    £ 11.25+VAT
    £ 13.5 inc VAT
  • 5 Lts MotoMix

    Stihl’s patented premixed fuel is a combination of premium non ethanol high octane motor fuel & high quality STIHL HP ultra oil. It also stays fresh in your equipment for extended storage. periods.

    Our Price:
    £ 16.67+VAT
    £ 20 inc VAT
  • Aero light helmet

    Lightweight helmet with ear defenders and a large visor.

    Our Price:
    £ 32.00 (Zero VAT)
  • BG56CE

    The new powerful, low emission blower is ideal for general clear up job around the home and garden.

    Our Price:
    £ 214.72+VAT
    £ 257.66 inc VAT
  • FS40

    The lightest brushcutter of the new generation, idea for cutting around small grass areas and obstacles.

    Our Price:
    £ 166.00+VAT
    £ 199.2 inc VAT
  • FS55

    Entry level straight shaft brushcutter. Compact, low weight with fully adjustable handle bars.

    Our Price:
    £ 243.17+VAT
    £ 291.8 inc VAT
  • FS55R

    This low weight compact brushcutter with loop handle is ideal for confined Conditions. Comes with AutoCut line head as standard.

    Our Price:
    £ 199.00+VAT
    £ 238.8 inc VAT
  • FS94CE

    Lightweight, comfortable 0.94 Kw brushcutter with ERGO start & ECOSPEED handle control.

    Our Price:
    £ 312.58+VAT
    £ 375.1 inc VAT
  • HP Two stroke oil

    Our top selling two stoke mineral oil in a handy 100 ml bottle perfect for 5 Lts of petrol.

    Our Price:
    £ 1.63+VAT
    £ 1.96 inc VAT
  • HS45

    The HS45 hedge trimmer is perfect for most garden jobs, providing outstanding. Performance with 2 MIX technology.

    24/600 cm Bar

    Our Price:
    £ 215.00+VAT
    £ 258 inc VAT
  • MS170

    This is our best entry level chainsaw Now fitted with a economical and environmentally Stihl 2 MIX engine.

    12”/30 cm Bar

    Our Price:
    £ 154.17+VAT
    £ 185 inc VAT
  • MS180

    Ideal compact chainsaw perfect for firewood and property maintenance. This lightweight and well balanced chainsaw provides plenty of power with it’s new 2 MIX engine.

    14”/35 cm Bar

    Our Price:
    £ 199.17+VAT
    £ 239 inc VAT
  • MS181

    Packed full with new technology & designed to reduce vibration making this chainsaw very comfortable to operate.

    16”/40 cm Bar

    Our Price:
    £ 240.83+VAT
    £ 289 inc VAT
  • MS251

    High cutting performance, high torque, easy start engine is a good all round chainsaw for a variety of applications.

    18”/45 cm

    Our Price:
    £ 409.79+VAT
    £ 491.75 inc VAT
  • MS271

    This high performance mid range chain saw is perfect for the farmer. The powerful 2 MIX economical engine cut fuel economy by upto 20% .

    18”/45 cm

    Our Price:
    £ 457.85+VAT
    £ 549.42 inc VAT