The one year free subscription for RangePoint RTX has been renewed for 2019. For more information contact our PLM Specialist, Sam Illingworth.


Precision farming with Robert D Webster Ltd

Give your business a complete and flexible PLM solution


Precision technologies are revolutionising agriculture. Farmers are using them to reduce input cost, improve yields, and increase efficiency. Robert D Webster Ltd’s Precision Land Management (PLM™) offers you leading-edge solutions for managing all of your crop production needs.

From the enhanced productivity of simple light bar guidance using FREE GPS signals, to the pinpoint accuracy of fully integrated RTK guidance. Robert D Webster Ltd have a PLM solution to help you maximise yields, control input costs and optimise profits.

  • Steer your equipment with industry-leading accuracy using PLM guidance solutions
  • Control rate and flow applications of mixed fleets of implements
  • Improve your productivity, even in low visibility conditions
  • Reduce field compaction to improve yields
  • Increase your operator comfort

The latest generation of displays offer true “colour blind” precision farming solutions. The New Holland/Trimble packages can be fitted to most brands of modern machines.

We offer a full range of correction signals from the free EGNOS service providing 15-30cm accuracy through to full RTK correction working at 2.5cm accuracy year on year.


XCN-1050 EZ-Pilot Pro Guidance System

We are pleased to announce the release of the EZ-Pilot. Pro guidance system for XCN-1050 display system. As with EZ-Pilot, this system offers high accuracy guidance across MFWD tractors, 4WD’s and combines. The added benefit of EZ-Pilot Pro is that vehicles are now able to be engaged in reverse to allow them to be lined for the next swath (max 15 seconds). Adding this feature can allow users to benefit from a high accuracy solution from the second the implement engages with the soil.

Improved performance has been brought about by the introduction of the NAV-900 guidance controller. This device hosts the latest 220-channel GNSS receiver as well as updated 3-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers. This level of accuracy has allowed the guidance system to have precise control and confidence during direction changes. This is especially important for high value crops, when reversing close to the boundary is critical for maximum field coverage and accuracy.

The EZ-Pilot Pro guidance system uses the existing column kits (78100-XX-RS) that are used for Autopilot™ Motor Drive (APMD). The 70+ kits cover the most common vehicles including brands such as Case IH, New Holland, John Deere, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Challenger and many more.


 Discover the EZ-Pilot® Pro with the Intelliview IV

 We are pleased to announce the release of the EZ-Pilot® Pro with theNAV-900 assisted steering system for use with the New Holland Intelliview IV display. EZ-Pilot® Pro is a high-performance, fully-integrated assisted steering solution which works with the Nav-900 guidance controller and the Intelliview IV touch screen display. It can be upgraded to the IntelliSteerMotorDrive to add enhanced performance features.



Main Features

EZ-Pilot® Pro is a high-performance, fully-integrated assisted steering solution which works with the Nav-900 guidance controller and IntelliviewIV touch screen display.

  • Provides very accurate guidance, up to within 1.5cm when using an PLM connect RTK signal
  • A clutter-free cab and optimise space available for the operator
  • Incorporates a terrain compensation system to maintain accuracy in rough or undulating terrain
  • CAN based communication
  • Slow speed: 1.61 kph
  • Can work at up to 45° to the swath
  • Reverse operation (up to 15 seconds)

For more features, you can upgrade to the IntelliSteerMotor Drive. New Holland IntelliSteerMotorDrive with the Nav-900 guidance controller, plus theNew Holland Intelliview IV display, also offers very precise guidance and with further benefits. 

  • Very low speed: 0.35 kph
  • Up to 90° to the swath
  • Reverse operation fully enabled
  • Fully compatible with the IntelliTurn (end of row turn)

Product Functionalities Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What extra performance will I get with IntelliSteerMotorDrive?

A full unlock NAV-900 that supports full reverse, slower speed, better line acquisition, and IntelliTurn (unlock required).

Will standard EZ-Pilot be supported with the Intelliview IV System?


Will the NAV 900 controller with XCN-1050 be compatible with the Intelliview IV?

No, the NAV-900 with Intelliview IV display is not interchangeable with the Nav-900XCN-1050 display.

Is EZ-Pilot Pro available as a demo licence?

Yes, please refer to the order guide.


PLM guidance products

Providing our customers with the latest technology and techniques

New Holland/Trimble EZ-Guide® 250

Entry level guidance screen with an 11cm display and tough casing. Ideal for manual steering applications such as spraying or fertiliser spreading on grass. Screen is available with an upgrade antenna option to get to Egnos level accuracy +/- 20cm and standard with USB port giving availability to download field and coverage information to your PC.




New Holland/Trimble EZ-Guide®FM-750™

Available out of the box with +/-20cm accuracy. It is upgradable all the way down to 2.5cm RTK as your requirements change. Available as either a manual guidance screen or fit an assisted steering system such as EZ-Steer/EZ-Pilot or a fully integrated steering system such as Autopilot or even New Holland “Intelli-steer” – the choice is yours. This screen is also capable of Variable Rate applications via prescription maps and when fitted with Field IQ can offer rate and section control for spreaders, sprayers and even seeders.



The XCN-1050™ Display is a high definition display with multi-touch operation and features an easy to use interface built on the Android™ operating system. Using a 10-inch touch Display with slim profile and bezel making it easier to read while taking up less cab space. The XCN-1050™ display can be fitted to a range of machines, and integrated into most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery with an Autopilot guidance system. Simplified setup with fewer components allows for an easier installation process and increased compatibility with CAN based steering.



New Holland XCN-2050
The XCN-2050 ultra-wide screen display is an intuitive, high-definition colour touchscreen display and is compatible with the full range of correction signals. Designed to ensure full integration with advanced PLM technology including yield and moisture sensing, it can be used in conjunction with many makes of guidance ready equipment and automated steering. The XCN-2050 display is also compatible with EZ-Pilot, Field-IQ, and more.



New Holland Intelliview III

The current screen option found on New Holland tractors and combines. Intellisteer on our tractors, and Intellisteer/yield mapping and moisture sensing on our combines is all available using the Intelliview III touch-screen.  Fully ISOBUS compatible. With accuracy options ranging from Egnos to RTK and even Glonass possibilities, it is much more than simply a display of information.



New Holland Intelliview IV

The new screen available from New Holland. Available on T7, T8, T9 and CX machines as an option and standard on the CR range of combines. A larger and more powerful screen than the Intelliview III screen. With more capabilities and even more to come in the near future this is the display of choice for those who want to take full advantage of all that PLM has to offer on New Holland products today.



Is the newest offering from New Holland in regards to assisted steering. It can be fitted to almost every brand of tractor/combine with either the FM750 or FM1000 screen and comes with T2 terrain compensation to take into account working on any slopes or sidlings. Also, it can be used with your existing steering wheel or fitted as a unit with a purpose designed steering wheel which reduces the height of the system by flattening out the shape of the wheel. If required, it can work down to 2.5cm accuracy, can work at speeds ranging from 3 to 28Kph and is easily transferrable between machines if required to do several jobs around the farm.



Is the factory fit, integrated steering option available on most New Holland tractors and combines from the factory. Providing the simplest and neatest solution for those customers wanting accurate vehicle steering with the least amount of additional controls etc. With all the components neatly hidden away within the machines panels and all controlled through existing screen, either Intelliview III or IV depending on specification. This can be supplied with any level of accuracy required from Egnos to RTK.

New Holland/Trimble Autopilot

Autopilot is the ultimate universal integrated hydraulic steering system. With hundreds of platforms available Autopilot can be fitted to almost any type or brand of machine for sale in the UK today. It allows all tractors, combines and self-propelled sprayers etc to be fitted up with a fully integrated steering system and because it uses either an FM750 or FM1000 screen you have access to all the options these bring with them. It also means that you are not tied to any one machinery supplier as if you purchase a New Holland/Trimble RTK base station we can then supply an integrated guidance solution regardless of what colour of machine you buy in the years to come. Some others only work with their own equipment, essentially tying you into their machinery brand for the life of the base station.