Protimeter Grainmaster i2

New Moisture Management App from Martin Lishman

The app is now officially live!

The UK’s most popular crop moisture meter, the Protimeter Grainmaster, has been upgraded with a whole host of new features, including a new store moisture management App developed by Martin Lishman. 

The latest model, the Protimeter Grainmaster i2-S, includes a new keypad design, multi-lingual backlit display and the ability to download moisture and temperature readings instantly using the App. Readings taken using the meter or any of the optional moisture or temperature probes for grain or straw can be sent instantly via Bluetooth to a smartphone. This speeds up the recording process and makes it easier to provide evidence for crop assurance schemes.

In an innovative new development, the App also allows the user to manage multiple crop stores and track the condition of grain coming into the store from different fields or locations. By returning to the same sample point in a store using on-screen store maps it now becomes much easier to monitor changes to crop moisture or temperature and make appropriate management decisions. Colour coded symbols highlight areas of concern such as hot spots or areas that still require further drying. The measurements can be viewed via the App or exported in either graph or table form.

Voted Number one for accuracy in a recent user survey of moisture meters, the Protimeter Grainmaster has led the way in on-farm moisture measurement technology for more than 40 years. It has a proven track record for providing consistent, accurate and reliable grain moisture readings. The Grainmaster i2-S includes 15 pre-programmed crop calibrations, 30 further reference calibrations, a strong carry-case with built-in operating instructions and optional moisture and temperature probes for grain and straw. The new App is ready to use with all new meters by downloading from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

For more information contact your local depot here.

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